Nothing Can Stop This Sedan – Comparing The 2019 Honda Civic Sedan in Katy

The 2019 Honda Civic Sedan in Katy is not a vehicle to be trifled with. It has incredible horsepower and style, but there are more features to brag about. Without wasting any more time, keep reading to see how the Civic and Kia Forte compare.

We are going to start today’s comparison strong, by jumping into the more “fun” reasons why the Civic Sedan is better than the Forte. To help with the morning rush to work, the Civic comes standard with a remote vehicle starting system, which can be activated from inside the house. This also kicks on the climate control system to set the cabin at your preferred temperature before sliding in. When rolling through the drive-thru for your morning coffee, you’ll find that the front power windows open and close completely with a single touch of the switch, making it more convenient when pulling up and driving away. Once you step out of the Civic and head into work, if you happen to notice that you accidentally left the windows rolled down, you won’t have to start up the car to close them. Using the outside door handle, the driver can close all windows without having to start the engine. 

You might not think about it this factor, but a massive player in a vehicle’s traction and handling are the tires and wheels. To provide better traction, the Civic’s standard tires are much larger than the Forte’s (215/55R16 vs. 195/65R15). They also have a lower 55 series profile (height to width ratio), providing a stiffer sidewall than the Kia Forte to help with handling. Other factors that contribute with the Civic’s ride and handling are the fully independent front and rear suspension systems. This permits a better angle for gripping the pavement, but the Kia Forte only has a semi-independent rear suspension system so that the ride won’t be as smooth or efficient.

With safety features, the more advanced they are, the safer you will feel. The Civic Sedan has seat and vehicle speed sensors to determine how much power is used in the airbags. These smart airbags will deploy at different levels of force to better protect passengers of all sizes. In case you’re in an accident and are unable to call for help, you can rely on the HondaLink Assist to send emergency personnel to your aid. By using GPS, this feature can sense when the airbags are deployed and will “call for help” without you having to do anything. The Kia Forte doesn’t have smart features in their side airbags, or a GPS response system.

Want to know more about the 2019 Honda Civic Sedan in Katy? Then visit us this weekend for a test-drive at Honda Cars of Katy, we look forward to seeing you!

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