Battle of the SUV’s - The 2018 Honda Pilot in Katy vs. The Toyota Highlander

For those seeking a sport utility vehicle that can provide speed, agility, and comfort for all, look no further than the 2018 Honda Pilot in Katy! This Honda is one to be greatly considered when choosing your next vehicle. Just to be fair, we went ahead and compared it to one of its competitors, the Toyota Highlander. That way you can make your decision based off the facts instead of our opinion.

Faster and a More Eco-Conscious Fuel Economy

With more horsepower comes more responsibility and when you’re driving the Honda Pilot, be ready to have 95 more horsepower and 78 pounds per foot of more torque than the Toyota Highlander. This power gives the Pilot an edge in speed, as you can see in this speed test conducted by Motor Trend:



Zero to 60 MPH

6.2 sec

7.2 sec

Quarter Mile

14.8 sec

15.5 sec

Speed in 1/4 Mile

93.9 MPH

92.6 MPH

With all of this speed and agility, it’s good to have a vehicle that can match its performance when it comes to fuel economy. The Pilot has an engine control system that is able to shut down half of the engine's cylinders to improve fuel efficiency. It also has a capless fueling system that reduces fuel evaporation which causes pollution, and a plastic fuel tank which can withstand harder impacts than metal ones. The Highlander doesn’t offer these features and has a metal gas tank.

Better Handling and a Smoother Ride

Overall better handling means you will enjoy a smoother and more stable ride. For better cornering, low-effort parking, and more control when taking on highway speeds, the Pilot has speed-sensitive, variable-assist power steering. This SUV also has an optional drift compensation steering that automatically compensates for road conditions that could cause drifting. Talk about being in control. For a smoother ride, having a longer wheelbase and a greater width between the wheels is critical, unfortunately, the Highlander comes up short, a total of five inches shorter to be exact.

Passenger Space and Comfort

No SUV would be complete without interior amenities to make you and your passengers comfortable with every ride. Throughout the cabin, you’ll find yourself surrounded by leather-trimmed comfort and anyone riding in the second row will experience all of the elegant settings that the driver and front passenger enjoy with the 2nd-Row Captain’s Chairs. The Pilot also utilizes computer-generated active noise canceling technology to remove annoying vibration and noise coming from the passenger compartment so everyone can talk freely without the need to shout over the excess noise.

After all is said and the tests have been run, we’ve concluded that the 2018 Honda Pilot in Katy is the better choice here, and hopefully, you have come to the same conclusion as well! Visit Honda Cars of Katy for a test-drive today, and maybe you’ll drive off into the sunset in your own Honda Pilot.