Comparing the Kia Soul to the 2018 Honda HR-V in Katy

Functionality meets utility in the 2018 Honda HR-V in Katy. This vehicle gives you the best of both worlds of a sedan and an SUV. Even compared to the 2018 Kia Soul, you’ll want the HR-V because of its…

All-Wheel Drive

Maybe you want to go off the beaten path or take the road less traveled. If that is the case, you’ll definitely want all-wheel drive. All-wheel drive allows the wheels to maximize traction, even in adverse conditions. The Kia Soul doesn’t offer this feature.

Fuel Economy

Everyone nowadays wants a fuel-efficient vehicle. That is because a fuel-efficient vehicle can help your vehicle go further on less. The Honda HR-V is as fuel efficient as they come and best the Kia Soul.




1.8 4 Cyl./ Manual

25 City/ 33 Hwy*

24 City/ 30 Hwy*

1.6 4 Cyl./ Manual

1.8 4 Cyl./ Auto

28 City/ 34 Hwy*

25 City/ 30 Hwy*

1.6 4 Cyl./ Auto


25 city/ 30 Hwy*

2.0 4 Cyl./ Auto


26 City/ 31 Hwy*

1.6 Turbo 4 Cyl./ Auto


1.8 4 cyl./ Auto

27 City/ 31 Hwy*


Transmission Options

For better control of the vehicle, the Honda HR-V has an optional continuously variable transmission (CVT). This transmission system has no “steps” between gears and can keep the engine at the most efficient speed for fuel economy. The CVT can also keep the engine at its peak horsepower indefinitely for maximum acceleration.

Passenger Space

The HR-V has passenger comfort in mind. With a more legroom, front shoulder room and rear legroom than the Kia Soul, the Honda HR-V is the obvious choice! Also, the rear seats in the HR-V recline adding an extra layer of comfort to your passengers. The Kia Soul’s rear seats don’t recline.


Nobody wants an unreliable vehicle. The HR-V utilizes a single overhead cam for simplicity, meaning less moving parts to break. The Kia Soul has dual overhead cams, a more complex system.

There are plenty more options in the 2018 Honda HR-V in Katy. So, come experience this vehicle for yourself by scheduling a test drive at Honda Cars of Katy, you Katy Honda dealer. You’ll be able to experience firsthand the amazing features this vehicle offers. We hope to see you soon!

*Based on 2017 EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle, driving conditions and other factors.