Paired Well With a Long Journey - The 2019 Honda Odyssey in Katy

The word Odyssey can be used to describe a spiritual quest or a long and eventful journey. It can also be used to describe your next vehicle from Honda Cars of Katy, as the 2019 Honda Odyssey! Your family will love all of the cool features this minivan has to offer, and you’ll love the safety specs and spacious interior. You don’t have to take our word for it; we’ll provide you with the facts about all of these features as well as compare it to the Chevy Traverse, a well-known adversary to the Odyssey.

Your Safety is Honda’s Priority

Sure, the Chevy Traverse and Honda Odyssey share your basic safety features like standard frontal, side, and rear airbags, traction control, and crash mitigating brakes, but there are a few safety hazards that Chevy didn’t prepare for. In the front of the cabin, the driver and front passenger are equipped with height-adjustable seat belts to provide a better fit for people of different heights. A proper fitting belt diminishes the damage an impact collision can cause while at the same time, promoting comfort which encourages passengers to buckle up. Another feature that’s missing on the Traverse is the Odyssey’s standard Whiplash Mitigation Front Seat Design. This design utilizes a specially formatted headrest system that moves the headrest forward during a rear-end collision, to protect the driver and front passenger from neck and spine injuries.

Incredible Passenger Space and Comforts

When it comes to cabin space, the more you have, the more comfortable everyone is, ensuring that everyone is in a good mood for the entire trip. The Odyssey has more leg, shoulder, hip, and rear hip room throughout the vehicle than the Traverse, totally at 19 inches! Adding on to that comfort is the Odyssey’s reclining middle and third-row seats. Now if you want to sit back and catch some z’s, it’s possible to do so without sitting in the front. Good luck trying to do that in the Chevy; their third-row seats don’t recline. Let’s start talking advanced attributes; with more than 50 technological features, you won’t be stuck unentertained on your next road trip with the family. Honda CabinWatch® will give the driver and front passenger a complete view of everything that’s behind them, so nothing goes unnoticed. To keep everyone in the back occupied, turn to the Available Rear Entertainment System. This feature provides streaming audio apps, DVD or Blu-ray™, and an interactive map that eliminates the age-old question, “Are we THERE yet?!”

Cargo Capacity

If you find yourself without people to fill up the cabin seats, you can fold the third row flat into the floor with the standard One-Motion Magic Seat function. The Traverse doesn’t have seats that fold into the floor, so if you need that extra room for a move or hauling cargo...sorry… Diving a little more into cargo capacity, here’s a comparison chart so you can see the complete picture. As you can see, the Honda Odyssey is obviously more spacious than the Chevy Traverse.



Behind Third Seat

32.8 cubic feet

23 cubic feet

Third Seat Folded

88.8 cubic feet

57.8 cubic feet

Max Cargo Volume

144.9 cubic feet

98.2 cubic feet

We know you probably have more questions about the 2019 Honda Odyssey in Katy, and we want to help! Visit us at Honda Cars of Katy for a test drive, and let our professional and caring staff take care of the rest!