Preparing Your Honda Vehicle in Katy for Winter

When cold weather hits, there are several things you can do so your Honda performs at one hundred percent. Making note of the following will ensure that you’re safe when traveling for the holidays. Preparation is vital, and it’s never too early to start checking the following off your list.

Things To Take Note Of

There are plenty of things you can do yourself in preparation for winter, and one of those things is monitoring your tire pressure. As the weather becomes colder, the air pressure in your tires will usually drop, which causes uneven wear and tear, and that can affect the performance of your daily drive. Another thing that significantly decreases in the cold is battery performance. You can avoid your battery deteriorating by parking it in a garage out of the lousy weather or making sure you have jumper cables ready just in case. But the ultimate way to prevent your battery from failing is to have it inspected and replaced if needed. To keep yourself and everyone else on the road safe, we also recommend that your headlights and brake lights are in their best possible condition. Foggy, dull, and burnt out lights can inhibit your road visibility, and also make it difficult for other drivers to see you, so be aware the next time your out driving at night. If you find yourself straining to see what’s on the road, you’ll need to have your lights looked at.

Leave It To The Professionals

While there are plenty of things you can do yourself, there are a few recommendations that we suggest you let the professionals handle, one of those things being your tires. Besides keeping an eye on the pressure, you should also be switching to winter tires to help provide sufficient traction. When you have summer or all-season tires, the tread can become stiff during colder months which decreases the amount of traction you have. Winter and snow tires are able to grip the road better because their tread remains flexible in the cold. You’ll also need to have all of the necessary fluids checked, along with any other routine maintenance like brake inspection and oil change. These are all things that the professionals at Honda Cars of Katy can take care of for you!

Keep Safe and Warm

Other than making sure your Honda is ready for winter, you should always be prepared for the worst. Having a winter emergency kit in your car can make a huge difference if you find yourself stranded. Besides road signs, flairs, and a first aid kit, adding in blankets, winter clothing, and water can add a little bit of comfort and convenience while you wait for help.

Preparing your Honda vehicle in Katy for winter is the best thing to do before heading out of town for the holidays. So make an appointment today at Honda Cars of Katy, and we will make sure you’re ready for whatever weather comes your way.