This or That - Choosing Between the 2019 Honda Insight in Katy and the Ford Fusion Hybrid

Almost every car manufacturer is dipping their toes into the Hybrid world, but Honda has been way ahead of the competition for a while now, especially with the 2019 Honda Insight in Katy. If you’re struggling to decide between hybrids, keep reading to see why this Honda is a better choice over the Ford Fusion Hybrid…

Splendid Safety Features

In most cases of injury, the most harmful aspect of an accident is the damage caused by an airbag. The Honda Insight hosts smart airbags which can deploy at different levels of force to better protect all passengers of different sizes and will even not deploy at all in some cases. The side airbags will also shut off if it senses that a child is leaning against the door. The Fusion Hybrid’s side airbags don’t come with this smart feature, so they’ll always deploy at full force. Another safety feature that comes standard on the Insight is Honda Sensing®, and that’s a bigger deal than you think. A few of the elements in this safety package are the Collision Mitigation Braking System™, which is capable of bringing your vehicle to a complete stop if it detects an unavoidable collision, and the Road Departure Mitigation System to determine if you cross lines without signaling while providing steering assistance to return to your lane. Another excellent feature that’s part of Honda Sensing® is the Traffic Sign Recognition that can sense speed-limit signs and display them for the driver to see when moving forward.

Chassis and Trunk Space

When it comes to efficiency and handling, the Honda Insight comes out on top due to weighing 600 to 700 pounds lighter than the Ford and is a whopping eight inches shorter making it easy to park in small spaces. Don’t let its smaller size fool you though; the Insight has much more trunk space than the Fusion Hybrid, a whole 15 cubic feet versus 12 cubic feet. As for what’s in the cabin, you’ll find perforated, leather-trimmed seating for five passengers with an ergonomic design and other fine materials to keep everyone cool and comfortable, but not without style.


Having a reliable vehicle will give you more confidence on the road ahead because honestly, who wants to get stranded? With most hybrids, drivers have to be wary of their car's battery overheating, but not with the Insight. Its battery is under the floor which can keep it about 20 to 30 degrees cooler, increasing its lifespan. As for the Ford, the Hybrid’s battery is under the hood along with the hot engine, so it won’t last as long as the Insight’s. In a J.D. Power and Associates’ 2018 survey, vehicle owners of three years and their dependability statistics proved that Honda vehicles were more reliable than Ford vehicles.

In the end, we have given you a bunch of reasons to choose the 2019 Honda Insight in Katy, but ultimately, any Honda is an excellent choice over a Ford! So don’t waste another minute guessing which is best for you, visit us today at Honda Cars of Katy for a test-drive, and become part of the Honda family!